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Deep Cuts

Swingin’ Party

Artist: Lorde

Album: Pure Heroine—Extended

Released: September 27, 2013

This sensation from New Zealand has made no shortage of headlines; however this song, embedded in her re-issue, Pure Heroine – Extended, remains relatively unknown. Singing over a smooth, pulsing beat with an unusually simple organ in the background, Lorde reinforces why she’s here: her relatability. “If being afraid is a crime, we hang side by side.”

Girls Like You

Artist: The Naked And Famous

Album: Passive Me, Aggressive You

Released: September 6, 2010

From the get-go, the track’s muted yet racing beat and whispered lyrics, which are followed by sudden heavy drums, climax in an epic chorus which cleverly warns—from a detached perspective—that negative actions result in negative consequences. However, the lyrics clearly don’t match the quality of the song: It’s all positive.

Long Highway

Artist: The Jezabels

Album: Prisoner

Released: September 16, 2011

The galloping beat and distant guitar strumming creates a final sound that echoes the song’s lyrical content: “Mesmerizing [….] Paralyzing [.…] (and) something you can feel.” It’s absolutely fantastic.

Au Pair

Artist: Underground Lovers

Album: Weekend

Released: April 5, 2013

A brilliant song from a lauded alternative band. There’s no denying the awesome guitar riff, so with its quirky beat and simple vocals, your foot will be tapping within the first 10 seconds.

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