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Devon Sproule and Mike O’Neil – Colours

Ontario natives Devon Sproule and Mike O’Neil—formerly of the pop combo The Inbreds—have come together to create a record sitting somewhere on the line between upbeat pop and low-key folk. Colours is a collection of warm indie pop tracks that nicely combines Sproule’s folksy tone with O’Neil’s tendency for catchy pop.

The two initially met when O’Neil submitted a song to Sproule’s previous project, “Low-key Karaoke,” in which she spliced videos of herself and other musicians singing together to create remote duets. They realized their potential and continued recording remotely together, he from Halifax and she from Austin.

Opening track “You Can Come Home” reels you in straight away, with a catchy guitar and bass riff that makes you want to tap along; a hint of synthesizer towards the end of the song adds an interesting wrinkle. This song does a good job of setting the tone for the record—mellow and relaxing, but not dull.

The title track “Colours,” is indicative of the interesting contradiction between the record’s mostly upbeat sound and slightly darker lyrics. Appropriately, Sproule sings “I can be gentle when I’m trying to sell / generous when it serves me well / I hide my colours.” Each track of the record ties together smoothly while still having its own individual feel.

All in all, Colours is a lovely record that gets better with each listen. The subtlety of the tracks begs a second listen in order to fully appreciate how the album unfolds–but it’s well worth it.

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