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Get off with the Help of your Friends

The latest movie to tackle the age-old convention of nerds trying to lose their virginity is aptly called The Virginity Hit. The film, with its newcomer cast, was produced by Will Ferrell. With the support of such a typically hilarious actor, one might assume that the movie promises to be as funny as some of his other film exploits. While it does have some funny moments, The Virginity Hit ultimaetly doesn’t hold a candle to Ferrell’s past work.

The film, which chronicles the mission of a high school nerd attempting to lose his virginity before graduation, is unique in that it uses a documentary-style aesthetic. Centering on the relationship between adoptive brothers, Matt, a painfully awkward boy with glasses, and Zack, a home movie enthusiast who spends most of his time with a camera attached to his hand, the movie’s ultimate goal is to see Matt lose his virginity-an exploit which happens to be entirely documented by Zack. Despite the fact that Matt has a long-term girlfriend, anxiety, fear, or possible homosexuality have left him the last virgin of the crew. His friends are no stallions, either-Zack is a portly ginger who aims to seduce girls by saying he’s going to “fuck the taste buds” out of their mouths.

The plot follows Matt as he tried to lose his virginity to whomever possible, ranging from a stranger on the Internet to his favourite porn star, Sunny Leone, and even his own adoptive sister. The gang hits several snags along the way, which they attempt to work around, demonstrating male camaraderie at its best. Matt’s friends will do almost anything to get him laid, whether he wants to at this point or not. Only after Matt is able to accomplish this supposed rite of passage to manhood will he finally have the privilege of taking a celebratory hit from a bong as his friends have done before him-the “Virginity Hit.”

Ultimately, the film rests on the clichéd assumption that boys who fail to lose their virginity before graduating high school suffer unbearable humiliation and embarrassment. But The Virginity Hit departs from past movies on this subject in its cast of unknown actors and its raw and personal cinematic style. The Virginity Hit is an apt portrayal of the  awkward­-yet at times amusing-trials of teenage years.

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