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Ingrid Gatin: 1000 Lives

Few modern artists use the accordion in their songs, and even fewer can use it with the grace and flair of Ingrid Gatin. Her second full-length release, 1000 Lives, is dramatic and old school, relying heavily on piano, and the aforementioned accordion.  Winnipegger Gatin has a dynamic, strong voice, and has created atmospheric tracks on the album with the help of Arcade Fire producer, Howard Bilerman.

Despite containing some songs that sound somewhat similar, Gatin’s creation is a compelling and refreshing album.

Standout tracks include down tempo “Cherry Blossom,” which has a haunting, mournful mood, “Take These Walls,” progressing almost like an old-timey waltz—and a rather sexy one at that; and “My Ship, My Crown,” which exhibits Gatin’s vocal chops.

Love is the overarching theme of 1000 Lives, but more of a mature, jaded kind. Don’t expect any Taylor Swift-esque declarations of undying affection here. It seems like the relationship behind Gatin’s album didn’t end too well, and although not quite a break-up record, 1000 Lives is definitely recommended for someone trying to move on from a failed relationship.

The album’s titular track features atmospheric, screechy strings. Gatin plays piano dramatically behind the strings, building up to a climax near the middle of the song.

But, worry not—the record can  be rather upbeat at times, notably on second last song, “Broken Tambourine.” Still, it retains a dose of bitterness. 1000 Lives is worth a listen for its creativity, and for someone who’s tired of manufactured, cookie-cutter female vocalists.

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