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James Vincent McMorrow — Post Tropical

Irish singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow is set to release his new album, Post Tropical, only his second full-length album since the 2011 release of Early In the Morning. The album is jam-packed with soulful folk ballads woven with delicate lyrical themes and a breezy breathlessness alluded to by its title. This is the type of music you can allow yourself to be absorbed into—slow, poetic, and undeniably beautiful.

The signature sound in this album is without a doubt McMorrow’s longing falsetto, lingering through each verse and allowing for tracks to flow smoothly from one to the next. Playing with themes of lust and longing, McMorrow’s lyrics melt out over simple instrumental tracks, allowing the listener to meld into the music without feeling suffocated by it.

While the album is relatively slow, it still exhibits some pop-like themes and maintains individuality from song to song. Some highlights of the album come from the enticing strong drum riffs of “Repeating” and the heart-wrenching hymn-like lyrics within “Outside, Digging.”

By combining strong vocals with simple yet powerful instrumentals, McMorrow has produced an ethereal soul album with a contemporary feel.

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