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LOEGz – #LeagueShit

Austin, Texas-based rap collective, the League of Extraordinary Gz (LOEGz) recently geared up to release their third album, #LeagueShit, which dropped Oct. 15. The album is named in honour of recently deceased League emcee Octavis “Esbe Da 6th Street Bully” Berry, to whom the catchphrase belonged.

LOEGz consists of three groups who began collaborating in 2009: Da C.O.D. (Mr. Greezo, S. Dot, Tuk-da-Gat and Lil’ J), Dred Skott (Reggie Coby and Esbe), and Southbound (Lowkey and Sandman). Largely produced by League member Reggie Coby and including guest vocals from names such as Dead Prez, Bavu Blakes, Slim Gravy, and instrumentals from Latin Funk Band Group Fanstasma, #LeagueShit is a dynamic record, showcasing the artists’ raw musicality.

The lyrical prowess and versatility of the rappers is clear in the album’s range of song topics, with a mix of lighter themes like girls and parties, as well as weightier political and socially-minded subjects. Tracks like “4 Dollar Blues,” with the hook “I got the 4 dollar blues/I got no money/I can’t put no gas in my car” and “Party at My House,” which is about not getting into a club, are a refreshing break from the themes of opulence and A-list lifestyle common in much of mainstream hip-hop. “Maybe She’s Right,” a song about break-ups, shows off the group’s cheeky humour by sampling snippets of angry voicemails left by a fed up girlfriend throughout the track.

The Gz’ serious side comes out in tracks such as “Never Know Me,” which focuses on the alienation that many lower class members of society often feel, as well as the snap judgments made about people based on how they appear and where they live.

Although some tracks certainly shine more than others, for the fan of classic rap #LeagueShit is a worthwhile album of consistent overall quality.


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