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Overlooked at Osheaga: Four acts you shouldn’t miss

With big acts such as Tame Impala and Kaytranada gracing the Osheaga main stages, it is easy to overlook the lesser-known artists who are playing the afternoon slots. All the while, this year’s lineup boasts a breadth of up-and-coming artists covering diverse genres and styles, and it would be remiss to discount them. The McGill Tribune has compiled a list of promising Osheaga acts that shouldn’t be missed.


Aug. 2, 3:45-4:30 p.m., Scène des Arbres

Seven established Montreal artists; one tribute band to the legendary surf rock guitarist Takeshi ‘Terry’ Terauchi. Though it started as a side project between friends, Teke::Teke has evolved into a force to be reckoned with. Fusing the sounds of Japanese eleki music with modern genres such as shoegaze, noise, and post-rock, Teke::Teke’s sound is entirely their own. It’s rare to find a band with such a unique sound playing a major festival, so this set is definitely one to catch.

Where to start: Their debut album Jikaku

(TEKE::TEKE / YouTube)


Aug. 3, 2:20-3:45 p.m., Scene de la Vallée

Plucked from obscurity by none other than Daniel Cesar, Toronto local Seth Nyquist, who performs under the moniker of MorMor, is one of the most exciting up and coming Canadian artists to grace the stage this festival season. Combining refined and urbane beats with gritty guitar riffs, MorMor’s sound is familiar yet fresh. Overtop the sophisticated noise, Nyquist layers pensive, poignant lyrics, resulting in an all-encompassing musical experience.

Where to start: His song “Heaven’s Only Wishful,” accompanied by a beautiful music video. 

(Samuel Engelking /


Aug. 4, 2:00-3:00 p.m., Scène de l’Île 

Bambii’s no stranger to the Montreal music scene, as she has graced Igloofest, Piknic Électronique, as well as the ever-shifting Moonshine stage a handful of times. This Toronto DJ is on a mission to reclaim the dance floor from what she saw as traditionally misogynistic customs, such as bottle service and restrictive gendered dress codes, and free up space for everyone in the groove. Expect an intricately mixed set that draws from her Carribean heritage and a myriad of other inspirations including dancehall, house, global music, and more.

Where to start: Her Boiler Room set in London, U.K.


Roy Blair

Aug. 4, 2:20-3:00 p.m., Scène des Arbres

Although he might not be a household name (yet), Roy Blair has cultivated a dedicated following, thanks in part to his background vocals on multiple songs in BROCKHAMPTON frontman Kevin Abstract’s album American Boyfriend. Now, Blair boasts over 12 million SoundCloud streams, and a debut album of his own, 2017’s Cat Heaven. Blair’s woozy tracks on suburbia, grief, and adolescence are sure to resonate with the under 20-Osheaga audience.

Where to start: His track “Thunder,” a SoundCloud gem. 

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