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Peace: In Love

It’s baffling that there hasn’t been a band named Peace already, but four Brits have taken the moniker and are running with it. Their debut album, In Love, is chock-full of summery guitars and catchy hooks. Song titles such as “Higher Than The Sun,” “Float Forever,” and “California Daze” are accurate indicators of the album’s laidback, sun-streaked atmosphere.

While the album begins with punchy rock, the first major deviation can be found in the fourth track, “Float Forever.” It starts with sparse guitar and bass, while lead singer Harrison Koisser and his brother, bassist Samuel, sing in harmony. Even after the drums enter, the song’s slow tempo works, proving the band’s versatility.

The rest of the album is a rollicking affair, filled with guitar blasts, catchy choruses, and a harkening to ’60s rock. Album closer “California Daze” employs Beatles-esque harmonies and drums alongside lyrics such as “she tastes like sunlight,” to exemplify their blissed-out ambiance.

The songwriting occasionally slips into clichéd territory, especially on third track, “Lovesick.” The song is one of the album’s poppier tracks, repeating the phrases “I wanna get lovesick with you” and “I don’t wanna make no sense, I don’t wanna pay the rent” amidst surf-rock riffs.

The album is a decent debut, and establishes Peace as a group to watch as they continue to spread their psych-tinged rock and throwback vibes in the years to come.

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