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Sebastien Grainger – Yours to Discover

In this LP, Canadian Death From Above 1979 singer/vocalist Sebastien Grainger deftly embraces the breezy Los Angeles style into his past punk persona. After signing with Saddle Creek Records in 2008, he is now releasing his second solo album Yours to Discover. The album flows from one electronic synth ballad to the next, allowing for the listener to get lost in the hypnotic haze of Grainger’s cool vocals and upbeat guitar riffs.

Admittedly, many sections of the album can be perceived as a bit dry. A good portion of the tracks are rather repetitive in nature, and Grainger’s need to be groovy and mellow is far overdone in “I Want Sebastien Grainger.” However, the album does contain a number of surprise highlights that exude creative passion and excitement. “The Streets Are A Mess” is an excellent head-bobbing track that intersperses heavy beats with Grainger’s iconic synth hooks. In terms of lyrical depth, “I’m Looking For A Hand” exposes a lot; underneath the relaxed beats, a raw, frantic undertone that displays the vulnerability that comes with moving into a solo career.

Overall, the album lives up to its name. Fans of Grainger should be excited to experience the album’s move from his punk-rock past into a more pop-leaning future. New listeners can find their niche either in his toe-tapping beats within “Waking Up Dead” or in his smooth, romantic melodies within “Going With You.”


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