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Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time

With so much recent attention on Sky Ferreira’s private life—most notably her September arrest for ecstasy possession—it’s a relief to finally hear some of her music. Thankfully, her first full-length release, Night Time, My Time is exciting and moody, featuring a wide array of potential singles.

Although first single “You’re Not the One” may be the album’s highlight, it fits in nicely with catchy tracks like “Love in Stereo” and “Heavy Metal Heart,” with each song displaying a different facet of Ferreira’s pop-punk sound. For example, “Heart” is a stomping, stadium anthem with the chorus of a danceable pop song; basically, it’s a cross between Sleigh Bells and a Lady Gaga track.

The album’s titular song, however, takes a much darker tone, and is similar to Cat Power’s brooding early sound (circa Moon Pix). This moodiness is mirrored in “Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)” and “I Blame Myself”; both hint at a sense of abandonment and forced independence. This time, though, the moodiness is only prevalent in the lyrics, as each song has a rather upbeat tune.

Herein lies the album’s best quality: Ferreira convincingly jumps from an accessible, poppy sound to a dark, foreboding groove within the space of one album—and, sometimes, even one song. However, there’s still room for improvement: Ferreira’s vocals often suffer, especially when paired with the album’s lush production.

Still, Night Time, My Time is adaptable, and certainly anything but bland—especially when compared to the majority of mainstream pop music these days.


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