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Summer Entertainment Report Cards: Movies – Scott Pilgrims Vs. The World

This is one of those movies throughout which you chuckle a bunch of times, have a few hearty glances at the person sitting next to you, and basically enjoy thoroughly. But I won’t give it much more than that.

It’s a Toronto-based hipster extravaganza about girls who dye their hair, listen to cool bands, and have vegan ex-boyfriends, and guys who barely straddle the line between endearingly awkward and terribly inept. Based on the graphic novel of the same name, Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) is a video-game playing, high-school student dating, unemployed bassist who is suddenly love-struck by the uber-cool Ramona Flowers. If he wants to win her heart, he must use his videogame skills to fight off Ramona’s “seven evil exes”-each of whom is more absurd than the last.

As per usual, Michael Cera does the funny awkward thing. But something about him being sexually active and somewhat of a jerk in this role is not convincing. If you like stylized movies, the film certainly does a good job of presenting itself as an adapted graphic novel, with points racking up in the upper corner of the screen whenever Scott wins a battle, and the word “riiiiiing” floating across the screen each time we hear the phone.

Scott Pilgrim is cute and funny at times, but you might leave the theatre feeling as if you’ve just played way too much Guitar Hero.

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