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Summer Entertainment Report Cards: Movies – Shrek Forever After

Reclining in my IMAX chair and slipping on my 3-D glasses, I was totally prepared for Shrek 4 to suck. Instead, I partook a fun, genuine, and hilarious ride through the fairy tale world in absolutely gorgeous IMAX 3-D.

The movie gets off to a bit of a slow start, with Shrek trapped in a “Groundhog-Day-esque” scene of mundane family life. Considering Shrek originated as the anti-cute fairy tale, the scenes of tiny ogres cooing and family life gone wrong were – with the exception of the most unpleasant kid I couldn’t get enough of – a bit much for me. But when Shrek makes his deal with the dastardly Rumplestilstkin and gets transported to a world in which he was never born, wonderful things happen.

All your favourite characters – Donkey, Puss, and the rest – are back, but with a twist: they have no idea who Shrek is. Watching Shrek struggle to recreate the life he lost and win back all his friends is a decent story, and, more importantly, leaves plenty of rooms for gags. Far, far away better than Shrek the Third, and maybe even on par with the first couple, Shrek 4 is a great way to spend a couple hours. Plus, for an Ogre, Shrek looks great in 3-D.

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