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Summer Entertainment Report Cards: TV Shows – True Blood

Picking up immediately from the intriguing cliff-hanger of season two, season three begins with Sookie Stackhouse enlisting the help of the (very sexy) vampire Eric in order to look for Bill, who has just been abducted by a mysterious source. As the season unfolds, it turns out that it is Russell Edgington-the vampire king of Mississippi- who, along with a brigade of werewolves, has taken Bill as a prisoner.

A host of outrageous events begin to unravel throughout this action-packed season. Sookie finds a friend in the unbelievably attractive werewolf Alcide and almost dies on several occasions, Jason finds a new ambition in becoming a police officer, Sam finds his long awaited birth roots in a nasty white-trash family, Arlene realizes she is pregnant with the baby of her serial killer ex-boyfriend, and Lafayette gets a boyfriend. Most exciting of all, the love triangle between Eric, Bill, and Sookie comes to a head as Bill’s actions become increasingly sketchy and sexual tension between Sookie and Eric steadily rises.

For True Blood enthusiasts, this season has gone above and beyond to deliver fans with everything there is to love about the show: sex, violence, an endless supply of man candy, a kickass soundtrack, and of course, blood. Lots and lots of blood. The only real pitfall of the season is the slight overkill of sexual violence. In addition to Bill’s torture at the hands of Russell and Lorena (Bill’s vicious “maker”), after spending all of season two in a Bacchic frenzy, Tara is raped and taken as the hostage of vampire Franklin.But with one episode left to satiate the palette of True Blood lovers, I have no doubt that this season will end with the bang to rival all season finales.

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