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The Pixies—EP-2

Last Monday The Pixies released their new album, EP-2, apparently as a second park to their album of September 2013, titled EP-1. This new release seems to complete a transition from the band’s old alternative rock style to true blue hard rock—their new sound is now well-developed, with many moods across four daring tracks. The band has musically grown a lot since their formation in Boston, 1986, and their irresistible energy carries them through yet another magnificent and unique album.

Instruments you will hear in this album include vibrant, gritty electric guitar (heavy on the feedback); on-point, fast-paced percussion; and glittering electric sounds. In EP-2, the band takes full advantage of their talented vocalist, Black Francis, to experiment with some scream-o elements in the first track. While the style of this album may be different for the Pixies, they once again summon their uninhibited energy,  for which their tried and true fans love them.

The trajectory of the album is strong right from the first track, “Blue Eyed Hexe,” which is clean with a pure hard rock sound. On the second track, the band retains the same vibrant energy, with more of a contemplative and curious tone that the Pixies often achieve through thoughtful lyrics and the distortion of sounds. On the third track, their passion reaches a plateau, curling and bouncing around a beautiful, unrequited love song called “Greens and Blues.” The album ends with a song called “Snakes” that is more reminiscent of their older music.

In short, this album is quite different from anything else the Pixies have written, but faithful fans and new recruits will love the old-time Pixie energy.

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