Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Not in my faith

After the first wave of condemnation of the attackers and sympathy for the cartoonists following the Charlie Hebdo shooting, criticism of the magazine’s content slowly crept into left-leaning commentary. Many media outlets, including the McGill Tribune, argued that the cartoons were offensive, and called into question the limitations of free[Read More…]

Letter: Divest McGill turns one year old

About a year and a half ago, Bill McKibben wrote an article in Rolling Stone magazine outlining the climate crisis and urging the world to take action against its main perpetrator, the fossil fuel industry. This call to action saw the conception of over 400 divestment campaigns around the world,[Read More…]

Letter: Not a time to push panic buttons

Tuesday’s “Campus Conversation” item in the Tribune features four students offering their opinions on whether McGill is in decline. The range of responses covered the entire spectrum: definitely, maybe, maybe not, not really. I applaud the fact that our students take the future of our institution seriously. I also applaud[Read More…]

Letter: AUS denounces barriers at Milton Gates

Dear Associate Vice-Principal Couvrette and Provost Masi, The Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) of McGill University Legislative Council voted at the September 18 meeting to take a stance of disapproval against the erection of the new barriers at the Milton Gates, expressing concerns about accessibility, the consultation process, community relations, utility[Read More…]

Letter to the Editor

RE: SSMU to give opt-outable groups chance to speak out, Jan. 11, 2011 In case anyone felt, in reading this article, that VP Clubs and Services Anushay Khan’s recent undertaking to provide McGill students with information on opt-outable groups and services and to prevent the growth of “shadow opt-outs” is[Read More…]

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