SSMU Elections 2013

Chris Bangs (Sam Reynolds / McGill Tribune)

Chris Bangs, candidate for President

McGill Tribune: What qualifies you for the position of President? Chris Bangs: I started my career working with SSMU as the founder of the Independent Student Inquiry. We were a completely autonomous student group; we worked closely with the VP University Affairs, and VP Clubs & Services Alison Cooper was another[Read More…]

Katie Larson (Sam Reynolds / McGill Tribune)

Katie Larson, candidate for President

McGill Tribune: How does your experience working with SSMU qualify you for the position of president? Katie Larson: I have been working with SSMU for a very long time now, around three years. The second year I started as VP External of Music Undergraduate Student Association, and so I sat[Read More…]

Brian Farnan (Sam Reynolds / McGill Tribune)

Brian Farnan, candidate for VP Internal

McGill Tribune: What tangible experiences do you have that qualify you for the position? Brian Farnan: Going into this year, as VP External for Arts, I gained experience working with an executive team. With regards to Frosh and events planning, I’ve coordinated Arts Frosh, which was one of the biggest[Read More…]

Sam Gregory (Simon Poitrimolt / McGill Tribune)

Sam Gregory, candidate for VP UA

McGill Tribune: How does your experience qualify you for the position of VP UA? Sam Gregory: [There are] two experiences which I bring to the table that I think qualify me the best: the first is this year I’m working as  … an ombudsman … for McGill food and dining[Read More…]

Joey Shea (Sam Reynolds / McGill Tribune)

Joey Shea, candidate for VP UA

MT: What experiences qualify you for the position of VP UA? JS: I’m the VP Academic for the PSSA and last semester I chaired two of the hiring committees for the new political theory prof and the new international relations prof, and the new comparative politics prof—I wasn’t the undergraduate[Read More…]

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