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Putting a name to the face

Photos by Luke Orlando, Alexandra Allaire, Cassandra Rogers, Remi Lu & Simon Poitrimolt.

Adriana Rachubinski, Information Centre supervisor

Adriana Rachubinski is the first person many prospective students meet before enrolling at McGill. Her office, right next to Service Point, is essential to ensuring that they and their parents are well informed.

Howard Zinman (porter) and Vlad Pereplavtchenko (janitor), Solin Hall

Vlad has been working at Solin for ten years, but as he tells us, “It never gets old.” What is it about his work that is special? “Working here is not like working in just any other building: I work for a university, and not just any university. Not only do I get to interact with students every day, I get to work with students from around the world.”

Joe Suriano, buildings and grounds department

Joe Suriano works for the buildings and grounds department of McGill. He works tirelessly to maintain the campus in all conditions. Shown here in front of his John Deere gardener’s car, Suriano handles snow removal and spring landscaping.

Brendan Edge, McGill bookstore

Brendan Edge, a Canadian studies’ student, is an employee in the McGill bookstore. Brendan spends the busy periods behind the cash register, and slower hours helping

Katy McLaughlin, Liquid Nutrition

Every Saturday Katy serves hungry students at SSMU with Liquid Nutrition’s “functional beverages,” as she calls them. Majoring in dietetics, Katy knows a thing or two about making healthy smoothies. Tell her if you’re feeling stressed or drained, and she’ll know exactly what to recommend.

Robert Selby, Schulich Library supervisor

After 25 years at McGill, Robert became the supervisor of the Schulich Library in 2010. Facilitating library services is the core of his daily activities. From lost books to late returns, he helps students with all sorts of problems.

Benjamin Audet, Redpath Cafeteria night supervisor

Benjamin Audet stands beside an endless trail of students in line for Tim Horton’s. Recently hired as the night supervisor of the Redpath cafeteria, Benjamin ensures that the cafe runs smoothly, from employee scheduling to quality control. He admits that keeping the Cafe running amidst the high demand from students is a constant challenge.

Alexandra Preimess, CaPS

Working with CaPS since 2004, Alexandra creates a warm and welcoming environment for everyone in search of career advice. Her favourite part of the job? “My students. Helping them out with all their problems and inquiries,” she said. Drop in at any time and she’ll offer you a smile to alleviate any job-search nerves.

Fiona Penny, university tour guide

To Fiona, being a university tour guide is a unique opportunity to be an ambassador for McGill, sharing a wealth of information on academics and student life with prospective students and their parents. “It’s a very interesting time to be a university tour guide, especially with all the protests going on; but my main concern is to give people a true sense of life at the university.”

Tania Canales, SSMU receptionist

Tania Canales is the face of the SSMU office, greeting those who come to her desk with a smile, and answering a variety of concerns. From managing SSMU exec business to important requests from student services, Tania’s role at SSMU is definitely of utmost importance.


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