FEATURES: It’s sexier to write in Montreal

Writing is like sex. There’s that playing around with ideas before hand, the ejaculation of ideas on paper, and in one sweeping moment of inspiration the climax (of the story) comes, bringing everything to an end soon after. So why is it so much better to “do it” in Montreal? What is it about this city that makes it a great place for writers? After all, The Quebec Writers’ Federation dubbed Montreal the World Book Capital in 2005. If you feel like doing some writing in this literary city (hey- it could be your ticket to fame and wealth) and need inspiration, you’re in luck! Montreal is one of the best places to get inspired and start that bestseller you’ve always wanted to write. Here’s why:

First of all, there’s something in the air in Montreal. It is so heavily charged with thoughts (some deeper than others) that if you tune in to the right frequency, you can potentially catch some brainwaves issuing from the overheated minds of hundreds of students and, incidentally, professors that crowd the city. You can choose from McGill, Concordia, Université de Montréal (being bilingual can be helpful)… anything goes! This is a university city and thus it’s the hub of many intellectual (and not so intellectual) activities that could stimulate your brain cells.

Does school not inspire you? No problem, Montreal has other, greener things to offer, such as Mont Royal parc. Have you always found nature to be the best place to rejuvenate and recharge? Does the sound of birds chirping and the wind blowing through the leaves give you a poetic urge? Nature has inspired many authors in the past, go and try it out: take a walk or a jog in the park! If you don’t get inspired, at least you’ll get some fresh air and exercise.

Prefer water to grass and old buildings to no buildings? Yet again, Montreal accommodates all of your inspirational needs. Take a walk in old Montreal and check out the port and old buildings. Feel the history, feel the flow of the St-Laurent and feel your pen finally hitting that paper.

Finally, a personal favourite (drumroll please): the metro. Yes, the metro, which is complete with its share of delays and malfunctionning escalators. Here, you will find all the inspiration for the colourful characters in your novel simply by people watching – like that homeless man who repeatedly asks you for 25 cents every time you walk in and out of the metro, no matter how many times you invariably shake your head to the question: “Have any change, man?” He never gives up. He is the model for a perseverant man.

Still can’t get inspired? You might be a hopeless case. Our advice: go to La Ronde and scream all your frustration out.

Montreal is the city for writing, there’s no doubt about it. To top it all off, the Quebecois je ne sais quoi will definitely give your writing an exotic finishing touch If you’re not ready to write your 300-page book just yet, well, then… enjoy writing midterm essays, which also require inspiration.

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