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Political Science

I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to send me any notes they’ve taken starting from the point after our first midterm. I always take notes but I don’t believe I’m doing it very efficiently because they did not help me very well for the first midterm. I’d really like to see how other students take them, then maybe it can help me to become better at it. So any or all notes from that time would really be appreciated. Thank you!


Organic Chemistry

Dear Professor:

If it is possible, it would be much appreciated if you could hold the second midterm at an earlier time so that I can watch the Canucks beat the Habs.


A Canucks fan living in Montreal


Dear Canucks fan,

I’m sorry, but it’s not feasible for the Canucks to beat the Habs. It’s also not possible to move the exam time due to rooms at McGill being totally overbooked this year.Be careful, as your name is attached to this post, so automatic minus 5 points for you! Unfortunately, I forgot to write down the name of the guy who was wearing the Leafs jersey in the last exam. That would be minus 10 points!

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