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SSMU Cafeteria’s Bambou Bol closed due to failure to pay rent

Bambou Bol, one of three food service options at the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) cafeteria, closed on March 11 due to a default on its annual lease of the space.

According to Kathleen Bradley, SSMU Vice-President Finance and Operations, Bambou Bol had previously experienced difficulties paying rent.

“Bambou Bol was in default of its lease several times, and so we terminated the lease contract,” she said.

SSMU President Courtney Ayukawa explained that plans for the future of the restaurant have not yet been determined.

“[Options are] still being discussed,” she said. “There are not any concrete plans for the space yet.”

Bradley outlined the process by which the future of the space would be decided.

“The space decision is up to the VP Finance and Operations, the Executive Committee, and Council,” she said. “There has already been work and planning done to plan for the future of space within the SSMU building. This report will be presented to Council and, depending on the decision made there, steps will be taken to implement [it].”

Bradley noted that although the default appears as a loss on SSMU’s budget, it will not impact the association’s financial situation.

“The loss in rent revenue has already been included in the 2015-2016 budget,” she said. “So there will be no effect on SSMU's financial standing.”

Yushu Wang, U3 Arts, expressed dismay that the closure has resulted in fewer food options in the SSMU building.

“Occasionally I do like to go to Bambou Bol, because of the location,” she said. “[The closure] is pretty inconvenient for me—I do like the staff there a lot.”

The SSMU cafeteria located on the second floor of the Shatner building continues to house two food options—The Nest, a student-run café established January 2014, and Bocadillo, a Venezuelan grill.

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