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SSMU Council endorses funding for anti-oppression training

Last Thursday’s Council also endorsed funding an anti-oppression training program that would teach students and floor fellows in McGill residences how to deal with issues of discrimination, oppression, and harassment. The project was presented to Council by Emily Clare, an alumnus and former vice president of University Affairs.

“The 2011 McGill Diversity Survey found that 20 per cent of students stated that they had experienced ‘somewhat to very much’ discrimination on any basis, whether due to language, race, ability, [or] gender,” the motion reads.

If its application for funding is approved through the SSMU Sustainability Projects Fund, the Anti-Oppression Programming Project would run as part of Rez Project—a mandatory information session on the subject of consent and sexual identity that is required for all students living in McGill residences.

SSMU President Katie Larson expressed support for the project, and the use of the sustainability fund to provide students with a different form of a sustainable service.

“I think it’s really great that you are applying to the Sustainability Fund for something that’s outside of environmental sustainability,” Larson said.

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