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Madam Principal,

Your most recent communication regarding the strike, “We are all McGill,”  seems to say two contradictory things at once: both that “we are all McGill,” and “by dint of their recent actions, MUNACA members are not McGill.” It has the clear intention of rallying its readers around you and against MUNACA members while saying nothing either substantive or documented about why exactly this should be.

A university president used to be a practicing academic. You are a practicing bureaucrat and fabulist. A university president used to have an interest—and pride—in the knowledge and calibre of its graduates. You have an interest in their money and influence. You know very well that “sharp but civil” discourse is a losing tactic for anyone but yourself and your cabal of administrator cronies, since it is in fact not discourse that wins the day here at old McGill, but money and power. Your tenure as president of this university is an embarrassment, certainly to me and my parents, but also to many with whom you presume to stand in solidarity. I can hope only that you will in time come to see for yourself exactly how shameful it is.


Cole Powers

U2 Philosophy

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