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Regarding our Feb. 11, 2014 editorial

There were several errors in the Tribune’s Feb. 11 editorial as a result of our referencing an out-of-date version of the SSMU Equity Policy. Although the policy was updated in Apr. 2013, the previous March 2012 version was linked to on the official SSMU Equity webpage until the time of press and of this statement, hence the confusion. The most recent version of the policy can be found on page 64 of the SSMU Policy Book.

While the Tribune deeply regrets the errors and any confusion they might have caused, this incident reinforces the editorial board’s concern with SSMU’s commitment to clarity and accessibility to students regarding its Equity Policy and procedures. The fact that the links on the main equity page have not been updated in the 10 months since the policy was updated is discouraging.

As the work of the Equity Policy researchers comes to a close, we hope that our suggestions may be of use and add to the discussions that are already happening within SSMU.

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