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Fall 2014 Referendum: Endorsements

The Tribune gives its endorsements for the Students’ Society of McGill University’s (SSMU) Fall 2014 Referendum.

Motion Regarding the SSMU TVM: Student Television at McGill Fee—“Yes”

With this motion, TVM, the only organization with a student-levied fee that is assessed on a per-credit basis, would change its fee structure to a per-semester and per-year basis, reducing accounting and administrative problems with both SSMU and McGill. The Tribune endorses a “Yes” vote for this fee. TVM, with its emphasis on producing quality visual media, serves an important part of the on-campus media landscape.

Motion Regarding Black Students’ Network Fee—“Yes”

This motion, moved by the SSMU President, VP Finance and Operations, and VP Clubs and Services, proposes to levy a fee of $.40 per student for full-time students and $.20 per student for part-time students per semester towards the Black Students’ Network (BSN). The BSN plays an important role on campus by encouraging inclusive and healthy discourse about race through discussions and other events. With the introduction of this fee, the BSN will be able to extend its services at McGill and within the greater community, continuing to provide an important service. The Tribune therefore endorses a “Yes” vote for the Motion Regarding Black Students’ Network Fee.

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