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Legal Information Clinic McGill existence referendum endorsement

The Legal Information Clinic at McGill (LICM) provides essential services for McGill students. It serves as a convenient, free resource for those seeking information on legal matters such as housing laws, defamation, and more. Staffed by current students in the Faculty of Law, the LICM gives McGill law students hands-on experience. In addition to hosting educational workshops, the LICM’s outreach work includes providing information on a variety of topics including legal name changes, immigration issues, and child custody concerns. Information on legal name changes is essential for many transgender students who are transitioning, and this service by the LICM is particularly notable. The LICM’s existence is crucial for marginalized students and students struggling with housing and landlord problems, which is a particularly important role as landlords may take advantage of students who are unfamiliar with Quebec housing law. The McGill Tribune endorses a ‘yes’ vote in the LICM Existence Referendum to allow the organization to continue to help the McGill community.

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