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SSMU referendum endorsements

The SSMU referendum period from Nov. 6 to 15 features questions on three distinct issues affecting the undergraduate student body. Below are the Tribune’s endorsements:

SSMU Constitution 

One of the questions at issue this referendum period regards approving changes to the SSMU constitution, including a set of provisions focused on the Board of Directors. These changes are based on an annual review by SSMU’s general counsel on the legal compliance of the association’s constitution. The referendum would make appointments to the Board of Directors contingent on ratification  by General Assembly, introducing a new element of accountability to SSMU leadership.

The Tribune endorses a “Yes” vote

SSMU Daycare

Childcare is an absolutely vital service to some students, and the SSMU daycare keeps this service affordable for all. Ensuring that the daycare remains financially stable and can continue to grow to meet demand will be a victory for accessible education. As such, the Tribune endorses a “Yes” vote.

Midnight Kitchen 

Since its creation in 2002, the Midnight Kitchen has been an extremely successful venture in food accessibility on campus. By raising its fairly nominal semesterly fee by a dollar, it promises to consider serving breakfast as well as lunch, a step forward in its mission of “providing affordable, healthy food to as many people possible.” The Tribune endorses a “Yes” vote for both the existence and fee increase questions.

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