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Winter 2017 PGSS Referendum Endorsements

Health and Dental Insurance Plan Cost Renewal: “Yes”

The proposed changes to the Post Graduate Student Society (PGSS) Health and Dental Insurance Plan (HDIP) include several measures that would benefit those covered by the policy, improving the quality of medical care available to graduate students. In addition to renewing the Health and Dental Fee for the next five years, the plan increases students’ coverage for physiotherapy and psychology treatments, as well as preventative dental work. While this question would increase the amount of the fee, the premiums would be renegotiated on a yearly basis to ensure competitive rates, and will be restricted by a maximum cap of $265 for the Health premium, and $219 for the Dental premium. Given that this renewal provides tangible improvements to the medical coverage of graduate students, and includes measures to limit costs, the Tribune endorses voting “Yes” on this motion.

Thomson House Upkeep Fee (PGSP) Description Change: “Yes”

This motion does not change the nature or the amount of the Thomson House Upkeep Fee, which serves to fund the maintenance and improvement of Thomson House. The purpose of this question is to make a change to the description of the fee by removing the caveat that the fee was “not for the purpose of capital investments or leasehold improvements.” This specification prevented the PGSS from using the funds for the maintenance the building, furniture, and grounds of Thomson House. As this change in the language would allow PGSS to use the money it receives from this fee in a less restrained and more effective manner, the Tribune endorses voting “Yes” on this motion.

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