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Online note service hits U of T

Notesolution, a newly released online points-based service allows students to electronically exchange notes with each other. Students earn virtual “credits” for posting their class notes which they can use to purchase others’ notes.  The service, founded in December 2009 by University of Toronto alumnus Kevin Wu and released at the[Read More…]

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SSMU will support campus food boycott

In an effort to pressure the McGill administration to reopen the Architecture Café, the McGill Students’ Society Council voted to support a student boycott of McGill Food and Dining Services at its meeting on Thursday, despite the vocal opposition of several councillors. The motion, brought to council by Arts Senator[Read More…]

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Living with boys

collegecandy.com Until recently, I’ve always lived with girls. If I decided to play Miley Cyrus on repeat for weeks on end, or buy a vanilla scented candle, it was never a problem. But things change when you live with a member of the opposite sex, which I’ve discovered by acquiring[Read More…]

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Living with girls

Last year a girl I didn’t know moved in with me and my two other male roommates. It was weird. But during that semester, no matter how much I fought it, my living style changed, sometimes for the better, but mostly to the lamer. But, besides certain aspects of my[Read More…]

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