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Know Your Admin: McGill Athletics

If you’re a McGill student that cares even a little bit about McGill sports, odds are you follow @mcgillathletics on Instagram. With over 10,000 followers, the Instagram account connects athletes, students, fans, and alumni who root for the Martlets and the Redbirds. From schedule updates to analytics to live game[Read More…]

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Going green at 200 km/h: Formula 1 takes a climate conscious turn

Between the roar of engines, lightning-fast pit stops, and pursuits of victory, the world of Formula 1 (F1) has successfully established itself as a world of glamour and exclusivity. Champagne showers, good-looking drivers, and yacht-filled victory celebrations paint the picture of a perfect, untouchable world. However, behind the velvet curtain[Read More…]

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Planting a SEED: McGill sustainability project moves forward in UN competition

Two years ago, roughly half of high school-aged Canadians did not believe that climate change could be stopped. Some of this hopelessness stems from climate education, which still revolves around causes and effects, rather than solutions.  But, can climate change be stopped without spurring the next generation to action? That[Read More…]

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The infinite potential of untangling quantum numbers

Over the last decade, thanks to developments in hardware and software technologies, computers can now tackle problems previously thought impossible. Computer chips are faster (in accordance with Moore’s Law) and developing fields like deep learning—a class of algorithms that use brain-inspired neural networks to process data—allow computers to more efficiently[Read More…]

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McGill hit with class action lawsuit for alleged mind control, brainwashing experiments from 1943 to 1964

Content Warning: Descriptions of medical abuse, physical abuse, and psychological torture Charles Tanny visited the Allan Memorial Institute, a research and psychiatric centre operated by McGill’s Royal Victoria Hospital, in August 1957. He was referred to the Allan after experiencing pain in his face, a condition his family doctor believed[Read More…]

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Walking the academic tightrope

Canadians have been calling for reform in higher education for years because many feel that such institutions fail to effectively prepare students for the workforce. This isn’t the only issue on students’ minds though—the university’s priorities are, too. From recycled class lectures, rotating professors, and the struggles with contacting lecturers,[Read More…]

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