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Health misinformation: A hidden obstacle to better patient outcomes

The internet has become a widely used source of health information by the public, including cancer patients. However, the quality and reliability of online information vary greatly, leading to misunderstandings of treatments and, ultimately, reduced quality of care for those living with cancer. In a recent paper, Marrah Nicolas-Joseph, U3[Read More…]

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Farewell to the Tribune

Sarah Farnand: To the place I have called home for the past four years, the place that has helped me grow from a shy, insecure writer to someone who is proud of her work and confident in her abilities, The Tribune will have my heart forever. And to all of[Read More…]

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At the precipice of discovery

Abstract Scientific publishing has become a ruthless game. The infamous aphorism of “publish or perish” describes the pressure academics feel to publish their research extensively and stay relevant within their field. This problem manifests and is tied to a host of other disparities of accessibility within the science research field.[Read More…]

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