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“A Disease of the Past”: Our lacklustre response to Tuberculosis

Lena Faust, a Ph.D. student in epidemiology at McGill, first became interested in tuberculosis (TB) while learning about another disease: COVID-19. What caught her attention, however, were not the diseases themselves, but the difference in global response to each.  “With COVID-19, we quickly developed lots of different vaccines that are[Read More…]

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AI’s transformative impact on radiology: Insights from the Feindel Brain and Mind Lecture

Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the world of healthcare by storm, revolutionizing the way physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. The Feindel Brain and Mind Seminars featured radiology—an area that AI has impacted substantially—during its Sept. 13 event hosted at The Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital. Saurabh Jha, Associate Professor of Radiology[Read More…]

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Along Party Lines: Language education rights being debated as Bill 40 returns to court

Following the Quebec Superior Court’s ruling that portions of Bill 40—an education reform meant to transform the governance of English school boards—were unconstitutional, Premier François Legault publicly announced on Sept. 8 that his administration intended to send the case back to court. As of Sept. 15, their request for appeal[Read More…]

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