Deep Cuts: Joyful Hip-Hop

Eye Know Artist: De La Soul Album: 3 Feet High and Rising Released: March 3, 1989 This is perhaps the most unabashedly romantic song in the history of rap. De La Soul, the original hippies of hip-hop, crafts a song that tracks the trajectory of a relationship from courtship to[Read More…]

Our fragmented campus

A term we often hear from time to time—sometimes in the pages of this newspaper—is the idea of the “McGill Community.” While this works best as a tidy phrase to lump together disparate stakeholders—students, faculty, employees, the administration, and alumni—in  most instances, there is no such “McGill community,” so much[Read More…]

Why McGill can’t “Pack the Stadium”

With nearly 40,000 students and an endowment that is upwards of $1 billion, McGill is no doubt a large and well-funded university. Despite this, attendance rates for sports games are low, and a general sense of apathy is palpable towards athletics at McGill. McGill’s athletic history, much like its academic[Read More…]

McGill Compliments sweeping campus

McGill Compliments is a new Facebook account that is quickly joining many McGill students’ friend lists. McGill Compliments provides a safe, anonymous outlet for McGill students to do just that: compliment one another. Through private inbox messages that get posted by the McGill Compliments profile creator, and tagged by whoever[Read More…]

10 Reasons why autumn is awesome

If you’ve been outside in the past month, you have likely noticed that summer is now over. Though the change of season signals an inevitable descent into the cold, dark winter, the drop in temperature gives students and Montrealers alike a chance to switch up their wardrobes and pastimes. Put[Read More…]

Tom Fabian – VP Internal: B+

Vice-President Internal Tom Fabian’s accomplishments are worth recognizing. First, Fabian managed to reconcile the interests of the administration and those of students to successfully lay the groundwork for a revamped Orientation Week. He also successfully organized the Students’ Society’s first Homekoming and revived Faculty Olympics. Although attendance at both events[Read More…]

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