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In a day or two, U0 students will be required to choose their majors and minors for next year. Many other students also have the opportunity to change their program, if their current one is not the right fit. The Faculty of Science has a wide range of programs, many of which are not well known by students. With course selection underway, consider if these alternatives to Anatomy & Cell Biology, and Physiology are interesting to you.


Physiology and Physics

The program provides a firm foundation in physics, mathematics, and physiology. It’s designed for students who want to apply methods of physical sciences to problems in physiology. If you have a love for biology and physics, this major may be of interest. Some courses you will be taking include experimental methods (U1), nonlinear dynamics and chaos (U2), blood, gastrointestinal, and cardiovascular physiology (U2), and biomedical signals and systems (U3).


Quantitative biology

This program combines biology with mathematics and computing. It is designed for students with a strong interest in biology, with the opportunity to also gain a strong understanding of the physical sciences and their application to biological questions. There are two streams: ecology and evolutionary biology (more like biology with mathematics), and physical biology (more like biology with chemistry, and physics). Some courses in the program include an independent research project (U3), a quantitative biology seminar (U3), an introductory computer scence, and one physics course (Dynamics of Simple Systems).

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