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Midterm season app reviews

Study Blue

StudyBlue is one of several flashcard apps available online and for iPhone and Android. The app allows you to make digital flashcards and flip through them while keeping track of your progress. You can also share flashcards with peers. Each flashcard can contain text and pictures, and the app will recommend similar sets of flashcards created by others users to try after you make your own. What makes StudyBlue advantageous compared to your regular flashcards is that the app comes with various filters to help enhance your studying. From creating quizzes based on your cards, to weeding out the cards you answered correctly and creating review sheets—the app allows you to test your knowledge in various engaging ways.


Wunderlist is like a master to-do list. From grocery shopping to travel arrangements, the app allows you to plan for just about anything. Not only does this app allow you to create lists, it also allows you to share them with your classmates. The app focuses on organization and efficiency, everything from due dates to reminders. It even allows you to turn your emails into reminders and print off your to-dos.


Didn’t study enough to pass that exam? Don’t blame it on the test. StudyChecker, an app designed for Android phones, has the ability to prove how much you’ve studied. Essentially, the app automatically records your study times and breaks. Then, it displays your stats for the day, week, month of a designated time period to show you what your study and break habits look like. The app also has several other useful features, such as the ability to create task lists to better manage your work.


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