Seventh global food security conference addresses present challenges

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, the McGill Institute for Global Food Security organized its seventh annual conference. Journalists, NGOs, scholars, and students gathered to discuss this year’s theme, Food Security Beyond 2015. Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa The conference opened with a lecture by Professor Stephen McGurk, vice-president of the Program and Partnership[Read More…]

Point counterpoint

In recent months, the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) and member institutions have been under scrutiny as a rash of scandals have rocked college athletics. The nature of these issues stem from the debate surrounding student athletes maintaining their amateur status as there have been calls to allow schools to[Read More…]

That one kid in every conference

It was another Friday morning spent sitting in the Education building, listening to my peers drone on about economics. I rolled my eyes, opening my bag to find Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell, the only economic education I would need. I had been reading it for a few months. Just[Read More…]

To Montreal, my second love

The Dollarama near my house gets a visit from me every week. Sometimes it’s out of necessity, but mostly it’s because I’m bored and it’s the only place where I can afford to impulsively shop. When I walked in one day this fall, the entire store was covered in shades[Read More…]

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