In Conversation with: Lilah Fear

 In October 2019 Sports Editors Kaja Surborg and Ender McDuff sat down with British ice dance champion Lilah Fear to talk life in Montreal, studying psychology at McGill, and training with the best figure skaters in the world.

Pop Dialectic: Is Tanner Zipchen a Canadian movie legend or failure?

Last week, long-time Cineplex pre-show host Tanner Zipchen announced on his personal Twitter account that he had been let go from his position. UK-based media conglomerate Cineworld had just acquired Cineplex, and a change in the Canadian market had been expected. Yet, Zipchen’s legacy remains divisive. The McGill Tribune debates whether[Read More…]

Tribune Tries: Fencing

Sports editors Kaja Surborg and Ender McDuff meet the McGill Fencing Team, have a brief training session with them, and face-off in a fight to the death (best of three). Video by Staff Producer Alex Hinton

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