10 Things: Creative sports Halloween costumes

Halloween is an exciting time for everyone, but finding a costume that is affordable and unique can be challenging. This year, The McGill Tribune’s sports writers put together a list of costumes for fans looking to do something more interesting than just wear their favourite athlete’s jersey. These ideas turned[Read More…]

The Path Back: McGill alumni return to lead

Assistant coaches are an integral part of any sports team and, while long-term job-security might not be in the cards for many of these coaches, all have a common desire to help their athletes reach their full potential. At McGill, there are a few recently-graduated former athletes who chose to stick around Montreal and work with the next generation of Redmen and Martlet athletes.


SSMU weighing involvement in developing student federations

In March, the Fédération des Associations Étudiantes du Campus de l’Université de Montreal (FAÉCUM), a student union at the Université de Montreal, chose to disaffiliate from the Fédération Etudiante Universitaire du Quebec (FEUQ), a provincial student federation. Consequently, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) and other student associations entered[Read More…]

New Quebec budget includes tuition increases

Quebec Minister of Finance Raymond Bachard released the province’s budget on Thursday, which included university tuition increases of $325 per year per student over the next five years, starting in the 2012-13 academic year. “Without a doubt, accessibility will be an issue with these hikes,” said Students’ Society Vice-President External[Read More…]

Tuition comments spark protest

In response to the Quebec Minister of Education Michelle Courchesne’s recent hint that tuition may increase in Quebec, a small group of McGill students gathered in protest at the Roddick Gates on February 18. Some carried signs reading, “Courchesne I can’t afford your lies” while others passed out flyers explaining that since the 2007 deregulation of tuition fees for Quebec and out-of-province students, tuition has increased by approximately $100 per year.

Spoiler alert: Breaking down House of Cards Season 2

Given the straightforward in-season narrative structure that House of Cards introduced in its first installment, the question for Season 2 wasn’t What are they going to do?, but rather,  How are they going to do it? We knew that Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) would almost certainly be making the jump[Read More…]

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