10 Things: Creative sports Halloween costumes

Halloween is an exciting time for everyone, but finding a costume that is affordable and unique can be challenging. This year, The McGill Tribune’s sports writers put together a list of costumes for fans looking to do something more interesting than just wear their favourite athlete’s jersey. These ideas turned the best sporting traditions into Halloween costumes that are sure to make an impression at any party this weekend. 


Group costume: Shaquille O’Neal

Grab eight of your closest friends and the largest trench coat that you can find at Eva B: It’s time to stack up three by three, glue on a fake goatee, and shave your head. That’s right, you’re going out as Shaquille O’Neal. All you need to do now is to prepare some mediocre basketball commentary and practice ducking under doorways. You’ll be the life of any party.

Bonus tip: If your costume is convincing enough, cover to get into clubs is one-for-nine.


Paris 2024 Paralympic Games logo

When the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games logo was announced on Oct. 21, the internet immediately had one unified response: Why is it so attractive? While the seductive lips atop an Olympic flame/gold medal logo may be problematic for the Paralympic Games, it is ideal for the Halloween reveller who wants this season’s most timely and sexy Halloween costume. To begin, either pull out your Vancouver 2010 Olympic shirt or start from scratch by drawing the Olympic rings on a dollar store white tee. Add a golden-blonde wig and gold lipstick, and you’re ready to be the center of attention during your night out on the town. 


Group costume: Michael Phelps and his 28 Olympic medals

This one is for all you floor fellows looking to find bonding activities for your students. Get a swimsuit and a pair of goggles for yourself and have a party to make medals from recycled cardboard and gold paint. This is a perfect opportunity to get rid of those boxes that have just taking up space since you moved in. Get detailed by making the medals match the years and events of all of Phelps’s wins. This group costume is also great for making sure that you don’t get separated on your big night out. After all, who could miss 23 gold circles, three silver circles, and two bronze circles running around Saint-Laurent. 


The Stanley Cup

We have to face the truth at some point: Going as your favourite athlete for Halloween is pretty basic. But going as the trophy from your favourite professional sports league is unique and eye-catching. This Halloween, wrap yourself in tinfoil and attach a small silver bowl to a headband for the perfect Stanley Cup costume. This outfit is perfect for the hockey fan who wants to stand out from the crowd while staying on a budget. However, if your team hasn’t won the Cup in a while, be warned that you may be mercilessly mocked.


The Ghost of the Montreal Expos

For a costume that evokes both nostalgia and tragedy, try the ghost of the Montreal Expos. Since Montreal lost its MLB team in 2004, the phantom of the Expos has haunted sports bars around the city. Borrow an old jersey and cap from one of the fans still holding out hope for the team’s return, throw them on over a classic white sheet, and mutter the names of Expos legends like Vladimir Guerrero, Andre Dawson, and Pedro Martinez. 


Draymond Green watching Fergie sing “The Star-Spangled Banner”

At the 2018 NBA All-Star Game, Fergie delivered an interpretation of “The Star Spangled Banner” that was so awful that people laughed mid-performance. Notable among those unable to conceal a smirk was Draymond Green. The three-time All-Star knew he was on camera, but still couldn’t mask his reaction. Initially, his mouth was half-open, and he looked like he was about to sneeze; then, the corners of his mouth turned up, giving way to a cheeky grin. Recreate the look by pairing the expression that perfectly summarized everyone’s thoughts about that performance with a black warm-up jacket and your best buddy Steph Curry giggling right beside you. Add a portable speaker to the costume to bump the Fergie National Anthem remix all night long!


Group costume: LeBron James on Taco Tuesday

If you and your friends are looking for a fun group costume this Halloween, LeBron James and his tacos could be the perfect fit. For this getup, you will need at least two people, but the more people you have in your group, the wider the variety of tacos you can represent. For LeBron James—preferably the tallest person in your group—you will need a jersey, shorts, sneakers, a shooting sleeve for the left arm, and a headband. For the tacos, simply buy or make taco costumes. Try to make sure you can still dance in them, though. The final touch will be ensuring that the LeBron periodically yells “It’s Taco Tuesday!” at the top of their lungs throughout the night. 


Couples costume: Aaron Judge and José Altuve

There finally exists the perfect couple’s costume for that pair with a drastic height disparity: Aaron Judge and José Altuve. Once you find someone with a big enough height difference, the rest is simple. However, if your difference is not 33 centimetres, extreme methods like crouching can help your costume look more authentic. Finding uniforms for this costume is important, but what matters most is that you show that baseball doesn’t care about size, only talent and the opportunity for a hilarious photo op


Couples costume: Deflategate

We all know at least one annoying Patriots fan who will not stop talking about Tom Brady’s greatness. That’s why, this Halloween, you and anyone else this Pats fan has been driving up the wall will go as Deflategate, also known as Tom Brady and a deflated football. Play rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets to go as Brady and comfortably wear a number 12 Patriots jersey all night long. Unfortunately, the loser will have to don an inflatable football costume, which may be a little less suited to the dance floor. But, not to worry, because once you have brought this costume together by visually deflating the football with some tape, the looks of disgust on the faces of Patriots fans everywhere will make your effort worth it. 


Arsene Wenger’s endless struggle with the zipper on his parka

It’s a tale as old as time: Arsene Wenger and his parka. Every Arsenal fan has, at some point, watched as Arsene stood on the sidelines and battled a zipper that never seemed to cooperate. While he commanded respect from his players and many others within the soccer world, he was never able to get that zipper under control. For this costume, you will need a suit, with a red tie, and a long parka. Stand off to the side for most of the evening while you try to zip up your coat. You’ll never manage to get that zipper up, but it’s bound to be a conversation starter when people inevitably ask you what you’re doing. 

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