The quiet life of a minor language

There was a time in my early childhood when I could easily have been described as bilingual. My parents briefly committed to the one-parent-one-language system—my mother spoke only Japanese with me, and my father only English. As a child in Toronto, Japanese never took prominence in my everyday speech, but[Read More…]

‘Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space’ is a heart-warming, intergalactic delight

Think of the adorable character design of Kiki’s Delivery Service, the magical hero transformations of Sailor Moon, off-beat comedic dialogue, and intergalactic space fighting. At first glance, these features may appear to be an unlikely combination. Unifying these features into one season of television might seem ill-advised, if not impossible.[Read More…]

Visual artist Sampson McFerrin gives an intimate presentation of his favourite work yet

Sampson McFerrin, Montreal-based visual artist and Print Media student, opened his Checarré exhibition the first weekend of April, issuing a display of his artistic adroitness in all its blossoming splendour. Providing a candid presentation of his maturing technique, Checarré features a multiplicity of art forms, ranging from oil to acrylic,[Read More…]

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