Four years of Farnand: A letter from your (favourite) editor

Well, this is it. The last thing I will ever write for The Tribune. No pressure though, right?

I joined the Sports section all the way back in 2019 after I wrote an opinion piece about littering that never got published (thanks a lot, Opinion). Now, four years and over 75 articles later, I still do not understand the rules of rugby. 

We’ve done a lot of great things over these four years. From forming the first all-woman sports editorial team at The Tribune, to interviews with Olympians and creating a Sports section that is about so much more than sports, I am so proud of what this section has become. I have no doubt that it will only continue to get better from here. 

I am so eternally grateful for all the brilliant minds that I have worked alongside at The Tribune. I hate change and I hate saying goodbye, especially to the place that gave me my best friends. To my fellow grads, I can’t wait to see all the great things you go on to do. And for those of you who have a few years left, as corny as it sounds, the time really flies, so enjoy every moment.

Please don’t ask what I am doing next year. I do not know and I am very stressed. 

Forever a loyal Tribune reader,


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