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Know Your Athlete: Mathieu Soucy

Mathieu Soucy is one of McGill Football’s most impressive athletes. From athlete of the week to Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec (RSEQ) football player of the week accolades, Soucy has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with. However, it was not always his dream to pursue football: Born and raised in Quebec City, Mathieu Soucy grew up playing soccer but only found his love for football when he was asked to join the team at Cegep Garneau. 

“In physical education class, they saw me and asked if I wanted to play football. I said okay and decided to try out,” Soucy said in an interview with The McGill Tribune.

Although he started late, coaches recognized his talent early on, and quickly fit him into the wide receiver role at the McGill Redbirds football team. Soucy has put in years of hard work since he joined the team, and hopes to take McGill as far as possible this season.

The wide receiver’s impact is significant, as this position controls how the plays are run and how smoothly the offence functions. However, Soucy explained that sharing the field with his other teammates is crucial to the team’s overall success. 

“You don’t want to be selfish as a wide receiver because you need to run routes to get the ball to your teammates,” Soucy said. “That also means you need good chemistry with the other players on the team.” 

As a veteran, Soucy has solidified himself as a strong mentor. On and off the field, Soucy takes a leadership role when it comes to helping the team be the best they can be. 

“I’m 25, and it’s fun to see younger players, especially the ones coming in from Ontario at 18,” Soucy said. “The younger guys ask me questions, and I like being there for them. It really helps build chemistry.”

Mathieu has the mindset of a winner; regardless of reputation, he never rules any team out as a serious adversary.

“In this league, every team is a rival,” Soucy said. “We only play each team twice a year, so we have to give it our best every time we play. Being from Quebec City, Laval has always been one of my biggest rivals. [University of] Montreal is also one of my bigger rivals because we always seem to lose to them in the playoffs and get eliminated.” 

This semester is Soucy’s last. Beyond his postgraduate career plans, Soucy hopes to share his knowledge of football with his community back home once his time at McGill comes to an end. 

“It’s time I start thinking about my future,” Soucy said. “I plan on going back to Quebec City to work at my dad’s construction company, and eventually take over once he retires. I also want to coach my high school football team to give back to the kids. I have been given a lot in my life, and I feel I need to give back.” 

Although Soucy does not plan to pursue a professional football career, he has not yet ruled out the idea. 

“I probably won’t play contact football again,” Soucy said. “Maybe flag or touch, but contact is getting to be difficult. If a team in the CFL [Canadian Football League] asks me to play, I would definitely consider it, but otherwise, I am likely done.”

Mathieu Soucy has dedicated five years of hard work to McGill Football. Although this is his last season, his drive and dominance on the field will not be forgotten anytime soon. No matter where Soucy ends up, his years as a leader and mentor, and his dedication to the football team, will remain in the hearts of fans for years to come.

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