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McGill athletes victorious in sporting competition

The McGill Sportspeople (4–11) prevailed over cross-town rivals UdeQÀM (50–1) by quite a bit at the Sporting Event on April 1.

The first fraction of the game was marked by tension and excitement as players on both teams made plays. While McGill initially struggled to gain momentum, their star-studded offensive lineup pushed a full-court press in the later minutes and ultimately knocked one out of the park. 

“When you get a touchdown, there’s nothing like it,” Sportspeople captain Pitch Wilder said. “The key was making sure our ball movement was going in the right direction.”

The intensity increased as the game neared its end, with UdeQÀM closing the gap. Despite their best efforts, however, a buzzer-beating wicket from McGill ended the game in the Sportspeople’s favour.

“We went out there and gave 110 per cent,” Guy Baller, captain of the UdeQÀM team, said. “Our coach has been involved in the direction, instruction, and training of the operations of our team. Next time, we’re just going to have to focus on scoring a different number of points.”

Sportspeople Head Coach Fabreeze LaCroix was pleased with McGill’s performance.

“Our team did good athletics today,” LaCroix said. “Now it’s all about keeping that momentum through the season and making it to the playoffs.”

McGill’s fans were pleased, too, and expressed their enjoyment of watching them do sports.

“I enjoy watching them do sports,” Chase McMan, U0 Engineering and event attendee, said.

The Sportspeople next play on April 14, when they’ll take on their cross-town rivals, the Concordia Dropouts.

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