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Sports holiday wishlist

I want  Lebron James  to three-peat and win another MVP award along the way; all hail the King. I would also love for Lebron’s football team, Liverpool, to finish in the top four of the Barclays Premier League while avoiding any Luis Suarez mishaps.

—Zikomo Smith, Contributor

This holiday season, I wish for the speedy recovery of Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia who seemed to have lost the ability to walk at some point during last year’s tragic season. As a Blue Jays fan, it would be awesome to have a catcher who could make it to first base on a semi-regular basis.

—Elie Waitzer, Staff Writer

I wish for this season’s Super Bowl in New York to not be ruined by a snowstorm. Playing under extreme weather conditions will lower the overall quality of play and both teams will just resort to running the ball. I also wish that us Canadians will be able to finally watch some good American commercials during the game and not have to watch CTV promos and the same Subway commercial over and over.

—Johnathan Lin, Contributor

Besides seeing the New England Patriots hoist the Lombardi trophy this upcoming February, nothing would make me happier than watching the Alabama Crimson Tide roll their way to a third consecutive NCAA Football championship. Although it is only 2013, this modern-day first would put this Alabama dynasty as the frontrunner for team of the century.

—Joshua Schulman, Contributor

In the new year I hope that the Brooklyn Nets find the fountain of youth and make the playoffs. I didn’t go through a 12-70 season and lose the lottery just to watch Jason Kidd be the most useless coach in NBA history. If the Nets do continue at their abysmal rate, I just want to make sure that we get a top-five pick to take us into the future. Oh wait…

—Mayaz Alam, Sports Editor

Now that an NHL team’s active roster, all I ask is for Ilya “Mr. Universe” Bryzgalov to go back to getting the media attention he so rightfully deserves. My love for that guy is humongous big.

—Ben Carter-Whitney, Managing Editor

This coming year, I hope to see two things. First, I hope to see Derrick Rose come back from his knee surgery and lead the Chicago Bulls to the promised land that has evaded them since Jordan’s retirement. Second, I want to see a new Air Bud movie. I would be happy if either of these happened this coming year, but the shared joy that another Air Bud would bring to movie goers everywhere would be too much to pass up.

—Osama Haque, Staff Writer

When the Florida Panthers last qualified for the playoffs, both Montreal and Toronto did not make the cut. I wish for Florida to make the playoffs again. I also wish for the Norwegian Curling team to make it to the gold medal game of the Winter Olympics and outdo their outfit from the 2010 Olympics, so that when they play Canada in the finals, their pants will get the media attention they deserve.

—Rebecca Babcock, Contributor

All I want for the new year is for Georges St-Pierre to be able to take a break if he wants one.

—Jacqueline Galbraith, Managing Editor

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