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Varsity Round-up: Oct. 3 to 16

Martlets’ Soccer: T 1-1

The Martlets faced Laval’s Rouge et Or in their Homecoming and Alumni match on Oct. 13. Laval tested McGill goalie Sophie Guilmette multiple times in the first half after McGill conceded free kicks outside the box, however, midfielder Chloe Renaud gave the Martlets a 1-0 lead with her second goal of the season in the 43rd minute.

The second half opened with a solid shot on goal from midfielder Hana Yazdani in the 53rd minute. Laval reacted quickly, nearly scoring before making two substitutions in the 56th minute. The Rouge et Or was awarded a free kick in the 63rd minute that Guilmette saved, as she registered seven saves during the game. Laval equalized the score by finding the back of the net with an unlucky rebound after it hit the crossbar in the 76th minute. 

Despite the Rouge et Or having a 12-5 advantage in attempted shots, the Martlets stayed consistent with their pressure and fought for possession in an aggressive manner throughout the game. 

“We were really disciplined. We were really patient with it. [….] We held on […] and we got some momentum going. [….] We stood our ground […] and were able to keep our calm and just keep doing our thing,” winger Stefanie Kouzas explained to The Tribune. 

The Martlets will face UQÀM on Oct. 15.

Moment of the game: McGill goalie Sophie Guilmette saved a last-minute shot in the 90th minute. 

Quotable: “The girls were focused all week. They played well [and] defended well. It’s time to get ready for the playoffs and that’s the kind of game that you need in the playoffs and hopefully nationals.” 

–Head coach Jose-Luis Valdes explained.

Stat corner: The Martlets are undefeated in their last seven games. 

Redbirds’ Soccer: T 1-1

The Redbirds faced off against Laval’s Rouge et Or in their annual Homecoming and Alumni game on Oct. 13. In the first half, Laval conceded several fouls while the Redbirds attempted many shots on a goal. The referee stopped play in the first half after McGill defender Oliver Onye was knocked to the ground in the 35th minute and was able to walk it off. Defender Matisse Chretien scored for McGill in the 39th minute after a free kick led to a scramble around the net. 

McGill started off strong in the second half with a shot on goal in the 48th minute. Laval quickly responded by scoring after a free kick in the 55th minute. Each team was frustrated and the energy on the field escalated as the game came closer to the end, with McGill and Laval picking up 16 and 13 fouls respectively. The crowd shouted when several fouls were called or when they felt that the referee should have blown his whistle. 

In the 73rd minute, Onye exited the field after sustaining an injury. The last 10 minutes were filled with chances for Laval, yet, redbirds’ goalkeeper Chris Cinelli-Faia made an essential save in the 86th minute after a dangerous cross into the box from Laval. As tensions between the teams rose, McGill midfielders Emilio Rossi-Levin and Yosr Frej were given yellow cards for discipline in the 86th and 90th minutes. Cinelli-Faia made an additional save in the 90th minute while Laval hit the post minutes before the game ended in a tie.

The Redbirds will face the University of Quebec à Montreal on Oct. 15.

Moment of the game: As the referee whistled to signal the end of the game, both teams collapsed on the field in frustration. 

Quotable: “I would say the two center backs, Matisse Chretien, Stuart Klenner. They’ve been solid the whole season. But today, I think they did an amazing job of not letting the opponent have chances, especially the first half where they were solid.”

–Defender Bilal Bouchemella on which players played a good game.

Stat corner: This game moves McGill’s conference record to two wins, five losses, and three ties.

Martlets Volleyball: W 3-0

The Martlets volleyball team (1–1) opened their RSEQ season against the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières’ Patriotes (0–1) on Oct. 13. 

The Patriotes started the game off with a two-point lead before McGill quickly regained an advantage of 5-2. Middle blocker Meaghan Smith had an excellent block and the first set ended 25-16.

McGill dominated the second set and ended it with a 19 point advantage of 25-6 over the Patriotes.

During the third set, McGill scored two points and maintained a lead until UQTR tied the score 15-15. The teams remained within a point of each other until right-side hitter Clara Poire and middle blocker Erin Keating stunned the Patriotes with their stellar defence , allowing McGill a two point lead of 18-16 but UQTR came back to tie the game 21-21. Neither team was able to score the two point lead to end the set until power hitter Rio Pesochin and Smith blocked a return, making the score 28-27 and leading McGill to take the set 30-28 and the match 3-0. 

The Martlets will face the Université de Sherbrooke next Oct. 15.

Moment of the game: Rio Pesochin won five points straight off her serves in the third set. 

Quotable:Rachel Leduc went on a serving run in the second set that ultimately led to us dominating that set. I gotta give so many props to her, she’s been putting in so much work this summer. I could tell how dialed in she was here. And Meg came off the bench in the third set when we were tied 27-27 and she stuffed the ball and that’s the kind of presence you want from your bench. ” 

– Libero Olivia Krishnan on which teammates stepped up and led the way.

Stat Corner: McGill had 32 kills this game, 13 each from Poire and middle blocker Charlene Robitaille and six from Leduc. 

Lacrosse: W 16-4 

On Oct. 15, the Redbirds lacrosse team (4–2) hosted the University of Ottawa Geegees (0–7) for their annual Homecoming game. The game opened with attacker Isaiah Cree scoring the first goal just four minutes in. The Redbirds peppered the Gee-Gees with shots on net, with midfielder John Miraglia scoring from the top of the crease with four minutes remaining to give McGill a 2-0 lead. Goalkeeper Joseph Boehm made a great save, giving the Redbirds a fast break and allowing Cree to score a final goal to end the quarter 3-0.  

In the second quarter, both teams ramped up the aggression and number of fouls as Ottawa scored just 11 seconds in. Midfielder Dylan James scored a shot from the top of the crease in the 11th minute of play. Miraglia netted two more goals within a minute of each other and the half ended with McGill up 7-1.

Play in the third quarter slowed down and midfielder Joshua Jewell scored a goal at the top of the eighth minute before the Gee-Gees buried their second goal. Face-off specialist Samuel MacDonald won the face off and took off down the field to sink yet another goal and with under a minute left James and Miraglia each scored a goal to make it 10-2. 

With an eight goal lead, Miraglia scored his fourth goal in the ninth minute of play before attacker Massimo Thauvette buried two shots in the net within three minutes. Attacker Mark Symon made the 15th shot of the game before Ottawa scored their last goal of the game. Face-off specialist Chris Koran scored the final goal after winning the face off, securing a dominant 16-4 win for the Redbirds. 

The Marlets will face the Bishop Gaiters (1–4) on Oct. 18.

Moment of the game: After a save, Boehm brought the ball outside the crease, leaving the goal undefended. As an Ottawa player gained control of the ball, Thauvette stepped up and blocked the attempted shot before sending the ball down the field for Miraglia to score the second goal of the game.

Quotable: “A guy that I was really proud of in this game is number 99, Kyle Glick. He’s our fourth long pole so he doesn’t play too much in games. Today [when] his older brother went out with an injury, he went out there and played three and a half quarters. […] He’s just pushing himself up on our roster in terms of guys who should be playing more minutes. It was really fun to see a guy who maybe doesn’t play as much just jump out there and play very well.” 

– Head Coach Nicolas Soubry on players that impressed him.  

Stat corner: The 16-game win streak over Ottawa spans from 9/6/2014 – 10/15/2023 and is the Redbirds’ longest.

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