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10 gadgets to look for in 2010


USB 3.0

Ever since they were first invented in 2000, USB ports have always been basically the same. That is, until USB 3.0 drives were released. Early models include the Seagate BlackArmor PS110, which transfers data to your computer three times faster than the USB 2.0. Eventually, USB 3.0 could allow for data transfers of up to 0.4 GB per second. That means that a full-length movie could be transferred in about five seconds.


Google Nexus One

Google’s attempt at stealing some market share from Apple is fast approaching. The phone features a sleek and functional design, as well as Google’s speedy Android operating system. But it may not be worth the money if you just use the phone for, well, phone calls.



At the 2010 Adult Entertainment Expo, a middle-aged balding engineer unveiled his creation: the world’s first sex robot (yes, it has been eagerly anticipated). Roxxxy is designed to entertain its owner both sexually and emotionally. She can have a conversation, feel you touch her, and even have an orgasm. This product is really not helping any stereotypes about engineers.


V12 Canova Laptop

Why have a keyboard and a mouse on your laptop when you can have another screen? This laptop sports twice as many displays as any laptop on the market-though one does turn into an on-screen keyboard to make it function like most laptops. In addition, you can prop the laptop up and read it like a book.


Bioshock 2

Bioshock places the player in an underwater world. The player then has to fight through hordes of mutants and mechanical drones to escape. The sequel hopes to be as exciting and engaging as the original game.


Project Natal

If you’ve ever played Nintendo’s Wii, you know it’s easy to make a complete jackass of yourself (search YouTube: Wii broken TV). Fortunately, Microsoft has designed an equivalent system for the clumsy. Project Natal, set for a late 2010 release, is the first controller-free game system. Players control the game using camera-recorded motions, which are translated into movement in the game.


3D Television

3D Television will be available in the future, although not necessarily to middle-income consumers in 2010. It also looks like silly glasses will still be required for viewing.


Apple Tablet

Rumours suggest that the Apple Tablet (nicknamed the “iSlate”) will be officially unveiled by the end of January. Analysts are expecting it to be a cross between an iPhone and a MacBook-a giant iPhone if you will. It will feature a touch screen, but not much else is currently known.


Expensive bikes

If you’ve been on Mount Royal in the fall, you’ve probably seen a few people with bicycles with motors. Sanyo’s Eneloop is similar, but electric: you still have to pedal, but not as hard. When you slow down, the Eneloop recharges its batteries using kinetic energy, and converts it into electrical energy. With a $2,500 price tag, it seems unlikely these bikes will be in Bixi stations anytime soon.


ioSafe Solo SSD

The ioSafe harddrive takes backing up to the extreme. In a demonstration video, they lit it on fire, submerged it in water, and drove over it with a backhoe. After all of this, the technician took the casing apart, removed the hard disk, placed it in a new enclosure, and viewed some files on the drive. All that durability will cost you, however, up to $1,250 for the 256 GB model.

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