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Across the world crossword



4. Theron’s homeland

6. The ‘6ix’

8. Don’t even think about bringing chewing gum with you

10. On the southern tip of Spain and part of the United Kingdom

12. This archipelago is home to the world’s largest tortoise

15. Capital of Greenland (yes, it does have one)

16. Most populous country in Africa

18. The Burj Khalifa is located here

19. The volcano in Iceland that erupted in 2010

20. It may not be real, but the Beach Boys love this Florida Key

21. These Spanish islands share a name with a small yellow bird

22. If this country’s type of horse ever leaves, it can never return

24. Natural habitat of the Kiwi

27. Home to the golden temple in Sikhism

28. Angkor Wat is here

30. Moses floated down this as a baby

31. Split between Tanzania and Kenya, and great for a safari

32. Africa’s tallest mountain

35. The former city gate in Berlin

36. It’s in Ukraine, unless you’re asking Russia

37. The windy city

38. Exporter of Fjallraven Kånken





1. This city-state is sometimes called a playground for the rich and famous

2. This crater is an annular lake sometimes referred to as the “eye of Quebec”

3. This area is made up of 26 countries with no partitioning borders

5. Down under’s Ottawa

6. Current-day Siam

7. Madonna dreamt of it last night

9. The home of jazz

11. Home to Uluru

13. Encircled by Theron's homeland

14. Its tagline is: “Where France meets North America”

17. Largest Muslim-majority country

23. It has a global seed vault in case of Doomsday

25. This lake is better than all the rest

26. Bissau, Papua New, Equatorial…

29. Balkan city or tasty frozen dessert

31. Host country of the Hajj

33. Earthworms as large as snakes have recently been found on this Scottish isle

34. The Dodo’s old stomping ground



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