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Farewell to the Tribune

Sarah Farnand: To the place I have called home for the past four years, the place that has helped me grow from a shy, insecure writer to someone who is proud of her work and confident in her abilities, The Tribune will have my heart forever. And to all of my lovely editors, staff writers, and contributors, I will miss you dearly. Don’t forget to believe in yourselves. Sending you all so much love.

Taneeshaa Pradhan: The Tribune gently coaxed me out of a shell built from online classes and too many breakout rooms, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for making the newness of moving across continents feel easier than it seems. I will carry my love and appreciation for the student journalists of The Tribune everywhere I go. Good luck with all future issues! 

Madison Edward-Wright: I came to The Tribune at a time when I felt like I had nothing to dedicate myself to in life. Looking back, that decision was one of the most important ones I’ve ever made. Not only did I learn to write, investigate, and ultimately become a journalist, I met the most amazing people. It has been an honour to call all who work at The Tribune friends and family—much love my dears <33

Madison McLauchlan: The Tribune is a special operation. Through every hardship, triumph, and late night, I never forgot how lucky we are—to have the means to tell stories, share opinions, and hold truth to power within the boundless world of McGill and Montreal. Thank you to those who edited me, and every person I edited: I am incredibly humbled to have led a team of such brilliant, insightful, creative people. You inspired me every single week. For those who are continuing on, remember why we do this: Curiosity delivers. Some truths are simple enough.

Mahnoor Chaudhry: What started off as just another extracurricular activity quickly became one of the most looked-forward-to experiences of my week. Reading, editing, and commenting on some of the most intelligent and beautiful pieces of writing has been an absolute treat this year. To be in the midst of such talented individuals has not only made me realize what journalism should look like, but also what camaraderie, friendship, and support in organizations feel like. The Tribune, I already know, will continue to inspire me, and I will forever carry this experience in my heart. 

Oliver Warne: Last year, I joined The Tribune with little confidence in myself as a writer, yet I was determined to learn more and sharpen my skills. Thanks to the immense help and support of my fellow editors, I was able to publish pieces that I was proud of, and I could never have done it without you all. I am constantly amazed by how hardworking and dedicated each and every member of The Tribune is, and it’s no surprise that you all run such an amazing newspaper.

Michelle Siegel: Unlike anywhere else, at The Tribune, I was never told “please stop talking about Twilight.” All jokes aside, I’m so grateful for all the different editors and writers I’ve worked with; it’s been such a joy to read and edit pieces over the last few years. For every weird pitch or article idea I had, someone was always there to give feedback, encourage me, or sometimes, just help ground the idea in Montreal. I love and will miss you all, thanks to everyone who came to A&E meetings and entertained my strange icebreakers!

Sarina Macleod: As a newcomer to The Tribune this year, being the sole member of my section with no managing editors or staff writers, I thought I would have a relatively isolated experience. Little did I know, I would be welcomed with open arms, becoming closer to my fellow editors with each passing post-Edboard Gerts night. What started out as a chance to add to my resume has now become a place where I’ve seen a true testament to people supporting people. I am incredibly grateful that all of you have given me the chance to one day say “I knew them when.”

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