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Fashion tips you autumn know

As the carefree days of the holidays conclude and the scramble of the add/drop period begins, students are reminded that the summer season is reaching an end.

Soon enough, colourful shorts, floral dresses, and strappy sandals will not be enough to shield you from Montreal’s autumn chill.

Here are three ways you can avoid shelving your summer crop tops and still stay cozy.

Style with socks

Black stockings go with nearly any article of clothing. Whether it is a short dress or velvet shorts, black stockings automatically add a cool London-edge to any outfit. Thigh-high socks in neutral tones will also provide warmth. You can even pair them with a pleated skirt and a matching tank to perfect the sports-luxe look. If you are looking to accessorize a plain outfit, choosing patterned tights with subtle detailing is an easy way to liven things up. Instead of letting your buckled platforms gather dust in the back of your closet, slip on some graphic socks to give an all-black outfit a pop of colour. Finally, marled or camp socks are a great way to keep your toes toasty. With a slouchy tee and jean shorts, you can look great with minimal effort.

Back to the ’80s

High-waisted jeans are the long-lost aunts in your high-waisted shorts family. You’ll look effortlessly put together with slashed-out knees and your favourite summer top. With an assortment of colours and styles available, they flatter just about any body shape. This means that the crop tops you’ve been sporting for the past three months can still be a part of your wardrobe during the coming fall weather. If you’re feeling more adventurous, opt for the mom-jeans style; it’s a comfortable and baggier fit that will convey your easy-going attitude.

Layer it up

Layering is one of the reasons why fall is such a great season for fashion. Your favourite bralette will look great under a knitted cardigan. If you wish to re-live the ’90s, try arm-warmers or long-sleeve shirts under a musical band tee. In order to look more professional, cropped sweaters are a great way to give structure to loose-collared shirts. A nice lace dress with a pullover jumper creates a unique silhouette and looks great paired with tall boots. On especially chilly mornings, you can stack up on long sleeves. For example, try a crisp button-up under an anorak jacket or a flannel shirt with a warm parka. You can also cover a silk slip with a fluffy fur coat (or faux fur) for Chloë Sevigny vibes. Have fun mixing textures and patterns to find the perfect combination.

McGill students are busy enough this time of year, especially those adjusting to life on campus for the first time. Use these simple ideas to help carry your summer wardrobe further into the year while still staying warm.

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