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Five best places to make out on campus this Valentine’s Day

Unfortunately for McGill students, Valentine’s Day always falls in the middle of midterm season, leaving many couples without the time to go on a romantic date to display their affection. Luckily, there’s no place on Earth more romantic than McGill. The rolling hills and stressful ambience on campus will get anyone’s heart pumping. To help you show off your bae to the entire student population, The McGill Tribune has compiled a list of the best places for you and your uni cutie to lock lips on campus this Feb. 14.  

Leacock 132

Situated in the heart of campus, Leacock 132 is the ultimate make out spot. With 600 seats, this lecture hall offers lovebirds plenty of locations for making out—from the far back corner in view of tour groups passing by, or the awkwardly-placed table beside the professor’s podium. If you can, plan your make-out session for the 8:30 to 9:30 rush, as this will give you the opportunity to start off your classmates’ days by showing them an old-fashioned public display of affection.

Bishop Mountain Hall cafeteria

Just a sweaty 15-minute uphill climb from campus, Bishop Mountain Hall (BMH) offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city, similar to the one that can be observed from the romantic Chalet du Mont-Royal. However, unlike the chalet, Upper Rez offers an undeniably heart-throbbing ambience. While you’re smooching with your special someone, look out onto Forbes field to watch your favourite sport. Grab some tortellini from the pasta bar, a few cookies for dessert, and take a seat at one of the window-side tables to take some cute couple pics. Also, make sure to say hi to Darren the shawarma guy while you’re there—he’s really nice.

The tunnel between McIntyre Medical Building and Stewart Bio

A great way to bond with a romantic interest is to go through a terrifying experience together. As university students, no one has time or money to go skydiving or bungee jumping. Fortunately, McGill’s architecture provides students with many ways to get that adrenaline rush they’re longing for. Head to the shady tunnel between the McIntyre Medical Building and the Stewart Biology Building for some intense lip-locking that will reverberate smooching sounds across the walls. This amorous noise will leave you both wondering: Is what you’re hearing the sound of making out, a passerby, or the ghost of a medical student from the early 20th century? You’ll never know—and that’s the beauty of it.

Redpath Library’s Cyberthèque pods

Cyberthèque is where love and learning collide. In addition to being on the isolated basement floor, Cyberthèque pods are the perfect make for perfect kissing spots, as everyone who uses them knows they are extremely soundproof. From the windows, couples can take in the breathtaking views of people skating on the ice rink on Lower Field on one side, and students frantically studying for their midterms on the other. However, what truly sets Cyberthèque above the rest is its proximity to Première Moisson. Take advantage of this convenient location and show your significant other that you are willing to splurge for them by buying them chocolates with your OneCard dollars.  

Burnside Basement

You know what they say about Montreal: It’s the Paris of Canada. And if that is true, then Burnside is the Eiffel Tower. Burnside is the most iconic building on the McGill campus; this brutalist block of concrete is the pinnacle of architecture. Its basement is also open 24 hours for science students, so any time is the right time to make out—as long as you wait for the right person to open the doors for you at night. Plus, during the day, Burnside is a hot spot for samosa sales, so you can (literally) spice up your relationship by eating one of these golden triangles of goodness Lady and the Tramp style.  

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