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Five most anxiety-inducing places on campus

Although being a student at McGill is already horrifying enough, there are a few places on campus that really exacerbate the feeling of impending doom. For students seeking a thrill after university life has left them emotionally numb, here are some of the scariest spots on campus.

The doorway to the stairs from Redpath to Première Moisson

Not only is this stairwell perpetually grimy, but it is also leads to Première Moisson. There is no way to know who is lurking behind this door or if they are carrying a full cup of hot coffee sans lid. The architect who designed this trap probably did so on purpose.

The stairs between Trottier and Rutherford at Prince Arthur and University

They seem like the proper way to ascend to campus from afar, but, up close, these stairs are a death trap. Not only are they deceivingly short and uneven, as if they came straight from a 2003 video game, but students don’t even get the dignity of falling down these stairs—they fall during their ascent, and that may be the scariest part.

The door to the women’s locker room in the McGill gym  

Swinging doors might be cute in kitchens, but less so when they cause two sweaty people to collide and someone’s nose starts bleeding. Props to McGill for putting a small window in the doors, though, so students at least know when they are about to get whacked.

The basement of the Arts building

First, there’s a Subway—terrifying. Second, there are occasionally amateur improv comedians performing down there—petrifying. Beyond those chilling sights, there are tunnels that go entirely unoccupied and unseen. That screams of a horror movie in the making.  Finally, the ceilings are so inexplicably low that McGill must have constructed them as part of some sort of social experiment determined to uncover what it takes for students to cave into claustrophobia.

The doors in between the Arts building and Dawson Hall  

There is no rational reason to construct such a big, thick piece of wood with absolutely no way of knowing who’s behind it. Political science majors burst through these doors and out of Arts advising appointments like the ‘school is out’ scene in every high school movie.

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