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2019 McGill time capsule

On Oct. 2, 2003, during a routine security check of the Donner Building of Medical Research construction zone, campus security officer Mathieu Racette found a time capsule dating back to 1947. Students placed it in a cornerstone of the building during the 1947 commencement ceremony. After carefully opening the rectangular box, the McGill Archives Staff found the letter that William H. Donner wrote in his donation for the building’s construction; remarks made by Chancellor O.S. Tyndale on the day of the ceremony; an extract from “Who’s Who in America” profiling Donner; and a McGill Faculty of Medicine Calendar dated 1947-48.  Like students of semesters past, The McGill Tribune has assembled a time capsule filled with a selection of items to give future generations a glimpse into the life of a McGill student circa 2019.

A handful of Bar des Arts tokens

These one-dollar chips have brought happiness to many McGill students in recent years. Whether patrons spend them on a grilled cheese or a beer, Thursday nights are always better when spent at BdA with a couple tokens in hand. BdA may no longer be running once this time capsule is found, but if not, hopefully this discovery will spark enough curiosity to re-open the doors to Leacock room B-12.  

2019 McGill Frosh shirts  

The student-run event has helped welcome students to McGill since 1999. From bonding with leaders and group members to exploring the waters of Beach Club, Frosh has served as an exciting and integral start to students’ first year on campus. One can only imagine the themes that the faculties will concoct in the future, but, by including this year’s shirts, future students can get a glimpse into Camp Frosh, Froshed Ashore, and Frosh of the Sea.

A Juul

Students rely on these tiny rectangular devices around campus. While cigarettes remain prevalent on campus,  Juuls are easy to use anywhere and have allowed smokers to skirt the 2018 smoking ban on campus. Including a Juul will show future students just one of many poor habits that McGill students have picked up during their college years.

Document from the Ad-Hoc Fall Reading Week Committee

It is unlikely that there will be a fall reading week by the time this capsule is found; however, that doesn’t mean students don’t love the idea of one. Despite referendum questions, motions, and committees to study the possibility of changing the academic calendar, there has not been any progress. To memorialize the process of the initiative, the time capsule will include one of the many governance documents on this topic.

Air pods

These wireless headphones have sparked a revolution. From Instagram posting to showing off the latest Apple invention in Bronfman basement, these headphones have become the latest status symbol on campus. While no one is quite sure what ornaments Apple will create for the future generations of university students, they will probably continue to dominate the technology market.

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